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ASD Market Week Attendee Tips

ASD Market Week Las Vegas

ASD Market Week will comprise of more than over 1,500 vendors, displaying over one million product lines in 19 merchandise categories. Using our ASD Market Week Buyer tips and understanding how to work the show floor as a store owner or online retailer is important. Below are some tips and the fastest and most efficient way to prep yourself for ASD Market Week and get the best out of the show.

ASD Market Week 2023 Dates: August 20 – 23, 2023, 2023

ASD Market Week 2023 Buyer Tips
  • Plan your open-to-buy (OTB) and Research upcoming trends
  • Have a plan before arriving at ASD Market Week
  • Take advantage of the ASD Matchmaking Service
  • Have a travel checklist
  • Create a Show Planner Account
  • Wear the right attire and comfortable shoes
  • Arrive well rested and ready to do the leg work
  • Take advantage of the Free ASD Market Week Shuttle
  • Download the ASD Market Week Mobile App
  • Identify Markup Opportunities
  • Take advantage of the Free Education Sessions
  • Take time to have some fun
  • Follow up with your new contacts once you get back home

Top Tips to Making the Most of your ASD Market Week 2023 Experience

1 Plan your open-to-buy (OTB) and Research upcoming trends

Weeks or months before ASD Market Week, plan your open-to-buy (OTB) and spend some time researching upcoming trends. Making notes on price points and answer questions like, what is the potential market size for the product that sparks your interest, who are your target customers, what does the competitive landscape look like, what is my markup and what will be your potential selling price.

2 Have a plan before arriving at ASD Market Week

Before arriving in Las Vegas, identify your goals for the market. Make a list of vendors and products you are interested in and all of the booths you want to visit. Put them in order of priority: Must Stop, Should Stop, Want To Stop. Do your research to maximize your time. Use the Show Planner and Mobile app to plan who you want to see and what products you want to check out.

3 Take advantage of the ASD Matchmaking Service

Make appointments to see vendors through the ASD Matchmaking Service. Using the service, search the Vendor Directory and make appointments with vendors via the Show Planner. You will have the ability to send vendors a direct message. Setting up appointments before and during the show is highly encouraged. Appointments is a way let a vendor know that you are a potential buyer and interested in their merchandise.

4 Have a travel checklist

Do not travel to Vegas or leave your hotel room without your re-sale certificate and tax-ID number, business cards, order sheets, cell phone and charger, laptop or any other thing you might need to process orders while in Vegas.

Remember to write your orders while you're at the show. It can get confusing if you wait to do it when you get back home.

ASD Market Week Las Vegas
ASD Market Week Las Vegas
5 Create a Show Planner Account

Take advantage of the Show Planner. This FREE service enables you to access Market Planning features, such as scheduling appointments with vendors, getting matched with vendors who meet your match criteria, and many more features all in one place.

Email & schedule appointments with vendors
Get matched with vendors who meet your match criteria
Save your favorite products & vendors to create a shopping list
Create a personal show schedule
View Product Photos & Videos
See Show Specials
Stay up-to-date with vendor announcements

6 Wear the right attire and comfortable shoes

The recommended attire for ASD Market Week is business or business casual attire. The key to an enjoyable ASD Market Week is to dress comfortably with comfortable shoes. There is no need for a business suit but dress in clothing considered appropriate and respectful for a professional environment.

Bring your most comfortable shoes - You will easily find yourself doing at least 20,000 steps a day visiting booths. Wearing comfortable shoes, not new ones or heels is critical. Comfortable shoes will give you a chance to see most of what the market has to offer.

7 Arrive well rested and ready to do the leg work

ASD Market Week is 4 days of criss crossing over 1,500 vendors with over one million product lines, displayed in 19 merchandise categories. There will be a lot to do and see. The days will be long with lots of networking opportunities. Get plenty of rest before arriving in Las Vegas. Do not arrive worn down.

Use the Show Planner to map out your day. Walk aisle by aisle, hall by hall in search of the hidden treasure. You never know what you might find.

8 Take advantage of the Free ASD Market Week Shuttle

During ASD Market Week complimentary shuttle service is provided between the ASD Market Week at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and most official ASD hotels in the mornings, and return service to select host hotels in the late afternoon and into the evening. Save money and time by taking advantage of these shuttles.

9 Have a Budget

Having a strict budget and keeping an eye on it is very important. Once you hit that show floor, it's very easy to lose track of your spending and the worst thing that can happen is being left with an empty wallet before you even get started. Always remember it’s all about buying according to trend, margin, and the right combination of staples and statements.

Have a budget for each of your exhibitor appointments. Have an Open-to-buy budget. Spread your budget out accordingly. At the end your goal should be to return to your store with a strong assortment of inventory from a strong assortment of vendors.

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10 Identify Markup Opportunities

Always remember your number one goal for being at ASD Market Week is to find great products at terrific margins that will sell.

Keep an eye out for specials
Most vendors offer show specials, order discounts, or small takeaways as a way to entice buyers’. Keep an eye out for those and don't be afraid to ask for those specials or discounts if it is an item you are really interested in.

Last minute steals
During the last few hours of the Market, some vendors tend to off-load products at steep discounts instead of incurring the cost of hauling them back with them. Although this not guaranteed but this offers an opportunity to snatch up those items that are on your nice to have list.

11 Take advantage of the Free Education Sessions

Knowledge is power and the ASD Market Week offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge by taking part in one or more of the free educational seminars for retailers. ASD Market Week offers 100+ free educational seminars given by the experts. Topics include everything from selling online, selling on Amazon, managing systems and operations, shipping and logistics, and more.

Let's help you navigate ASD Market Week 2023

12 Take time to have some fun

ASD Market Week is a great place to network with suppliers and building relationships. Everyone is at the ASD Market Week, and there is so much opportunity for networking. There are many events that give you face-to-face time with vendors and buyers. Exchange business cards as you network, so that you can keep in touch after the show.

Like any veteran visitor will tell you, no one comes to Vegas to spend time in their hotel room. Las Vegas is a premier hospitality destination with tons of things to do and see. Take a walk along the Strip, see a show or simply pig-out at a buffet, attend the ASD After Party. One or two of those is vital to having a positive show experience. Just remember, What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

13 Follow up with your new contacts once you get back home

By Day 4 you'll discover you have collected a lot of business cards and promotional items. Your work actually starts when you get back home. Follow up right away with your new connections and potential business partners to continue the momentum from the market while all the information is fresh in your head. Do not wait a month or two to make contact.

ASD Market Week 2023
ASD Market Week 2023
Las Vegas Market 2023
Las Vegas Market

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