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Caesars Rewards is the loyalty card from Caesars Entertainment that lets you take your Rewards Credit with you to more than 40 of your favorite Caesars Entertainment properties coast-to-coast. With more than 55 million members, Caesars Rewards offers access to exclusive experiences. Use your Caesars Rewards card to earn and redeem Reward Credits for meals, rooms, trips and much more.

The largest gaming company in the world, Caesars Entertainment Corporation owns and operates casinos, hotels, and six golf courses under several brands.

Under the Caesars Entertainment Corporation umbrella are the following Las Vegas hotels and casinos, Bally's Las Vegas , Paris Las Vegas , Harrahs Las Vegas , Flamingo Las Vegas , The Cromwell, Caesars Palace Las Vegas , The LINQ Hotel & Casino , Planet Hollywood and Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

This collection of hotels and casinos under one umbrella is actually of great benefit and convenience to any visitor to Las Vegas. There is no need to apply for a Players Club card at each and everyone of the casinos listed above.

All you need is one Caesars Rewards card when playing slots and table games to qualify for benefits and rewards at the seven hotels and casinos listed above. You will earn Reward Credits based on how much you play, the type of games you play and your entertainment choices at any of Caesars Entertainment properties.

Remember your play is recognized as a single account at any of the Las Vegas casinos listed above.

To apply for your free Caesars Rewards card, click Caesars Rewards card online sign up or on your next visit to Las Vegas stop at the Caesars Rewards Center at any of the casinos listed above. A representative will be happy to assist with your application upon presentation of valid photo identification.

Caesars Rewards Tier Levels

There are four distinct card levels of Caesars Rewards membership, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Stars. Each level offering increasing service privileges at each of Caesars Entertainment casinos.

Earn 5,000 Tier Credits within a calendar year (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31) to achieve Platinum status and increased recognition. Earn 15,000 Tier Credits to achieve the elite Diamond status. Earn 150,000 Tier Credits to be eligible for the exclusive Seven Stars status and the very best casino services and amenities. Base Reward Credits earned in a calendar year will determine your level of tiered membership.

0 Tier Credits
TR Gold
5000 Tier Credits
TR Platinum
15,000 Tier Credits
TR Diamond
Seven Stars
150,000 Tier Credits
TR Seven Stars

2019 Benefits Overview

The NEW Caesars Rewards Card - FAQ's

When will I receive my new Caesars Rewards card?
You can visit a Caesars Rewards Center with your valid ID beginning February 1, 2019 in order to get a new Caesars Rewards card printed. New cards will not be mailed to members.

Will my old Total Rewards card continue to work once we switch over to Caesars Rewards?
Yes, your old Total Rewards card will continue to work. However, you are encouraged to pick up your new card at a Caesars Rewards Center beginning February 1, 2019.

Will my member/card number change?
No, your Caesars Rewards card number will be the same as it was on your Total Rewards card.

General FAQ's - Caesars Rewards Card

What is Caesars Rewards and how does it work?
Caesars Entertainment award-winning casino loyalty program that lets you earn Reward Credits every time you play with your Caesars Rewards card at any casino that participates in the Caesars Rewards program. Play any game – slots, tables, or race betting at nearly 40 casinos across the United States and in Canada to build rewards in a single account. You can also earn Reward Credits for your entertainment purchases at hospitality outlets including participating hotels, spas, food and beverage outlets, bars, nightclubs, and retail shops.

Tier Credits and Reward Credits Explained

One of the most frequently Caesars Rewards questions asked is "What is the difference between Tier Credits and Reward Credits?"

Tier Credit determines your Tier Status (Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars). Tier Credits are earned during a calendar year (January 1 - December 31) and added to your annual Tier Score.

Reward Credits are your comps. Your Reward Credit balance is your comp balance, and can be used towards hotel stays, dinner comps, spa visits, merchandise, rounds of golf and more!.

You will generate a Reward Credit comp balance that you control and won't ever expire as long as you earn at least one Reward Credit every six months. If you do not obtain any Reward Credits within any six-month period, your entire Reward Credit account balance will expire.
You earn one Reward Credit for every one Tier Credit while playing at any Caesars Entertainment property.
Based on your play, you will receive offers in the mail for cash, hotel stays, meals and event invitations!.
Reward Credits have no cash value.
Tier Credit and Reward Credit balances are non-transferable, including upon death or divorce.

How do I earn Reward Credits

There are various ways to earn Caesars Rewards Credit. As a member of Caesars Rewards, you will be rewarded for all tracked slot and table games play, keno, bingo, and race track and sports betting and also for your entertainment spend. Please note, credits awarded for poker play vary by property. The more you play and enjoy all the exciting amenities such as dinners, shows, etc., the more rewards you will earn.

To earn Reward Credits, it's your responsibilty to make sure your card is inserted at the slot machine the entire time you play, or handed it to the dealer when playing table games.

How are my Reward Credits calculated?

Slot Machines
Earn 1 Reward Credit for every $5.00 you play on a reel slot machine.

Table Games
Reward Credits are earned based on the type of table game you are playing, your average bet and how long you play.

** Just remember to hand your Caesars Rewards card to the dealer or pit supervisor as soon as you sit down to play and ask to be rated.

Video Poker
Earn 1 Reward Credit for every $10.00 you play on a video poker machine.

Earn 1 Reward Credit for every $3 wagered through race betting.

Earn 1 Reward Credit for every $10 wagered through bingo.

Earn 1 Reward Credit for every $10 wagered through sports betting.

Live Keno
Earn 1 Reward Credit for every $3 wagered through live keno.

Earn 1 Reward Credit for every $1.00 spent at any participating leisure outlet. Leisure experiences include a day at the pool, spa treatment/service, a round of golf, an afternoon of shopping and more.

Earn 1 Reward Credit for every $1.00 spent at any participating retail outlet.

Earn 1 Reward Credit for every $1.00 spent at any participating restaurants.

Hotel Accommodation
Earn 1 Reward Credit for every $1.00 spent on hotel accommodations.

How to redeemed Reward Credits
Reward Credits can be redeemed at: These outlets
At participating restaurants, spa's, entertainment venues and retail outlets by presenting your Caesars Rewards card.
Toward to your hotel bill at the time of check-out.
At a self-serve kiosk (at selected properties)
At Caesars Rewards Center for a comp slip.
For purchases at the Caesars Rewards Partners

Caesars Rewards VISA - How do I redeem my Reward Credits?

Your Reward Credits earned with the Caesars Rewards Visa can be redeemed the same way you use all of your other Reward Credits listed above.

What are Quick Rewards?
Quick rewards is the fastest way to use your Reward Credits at any Caesars owned restaurant or participation retail outlet. To instantly use your Reward Credits for meals or retail purchases, look for the Quick Rewards logo at participating restaurants and retail outlets. Simply ask your server or cashier to swipe your Caesars Rewards card to apply your Reward Credits towards the bill.

What is a Bouns Rewards Credit?
Bouns Rewards Credit are extra comps that may be awarded for gaming activity and entertainment purchases

For gaming activity, Bonus Reward Credits are earned as you play. You will earn Bonus Reward Credits based on your length of play, average bet and the type of game.

For entertainment purchases, every $1 you spend = 1 Bonus Reward Credit, and your 5th dollar becomes a Base Reward Credit, which also counts towards your Tier Score!

• $5 in entertainment spend = one Base Reward Credit

How to prevent your Reward Credit from expiring

If you don't plan on visiting any casino that participates in the Caesars Rewards program within 6 months, your best option to prevent your credits from expiring is to apply for the Caesars Rewards Visa credit card* This card allows you to earn 1 Bonus Reward Credit for every $1.00 in purchases and keeps your Reward Credit balance active as long as you use it at least once every 6 months. The Bonus Reward Credits added to your Reward Credit balance do not count towards Tier Score or Tier Status. For questions about your Caesars Rewards Visa Account, call 1-855-381-5715

How can I apply for a Caesars Rewards Card
Caesars Rewards card online sign-up or on your next visit to Las Vegas stop at the Caesars Rewards Center at any of the casinos listed above. A representative will be happy to assist with your application upon presentation of valid photo identification.

How do I obtain my Win/Loss Statement?
You can access and print your Win/Loss Statements online for the past five (5) years. To print your Win/Loss Statements Online,
1. Log in to your Caesars Rewards account
2. select "Program Details"
3. then "Win/Loss Statements". It's that simple.

Caesars Rewards Inquires and Lost Cards

Caesars Rewards Card

In order to protect the security of your Caesars Rewards account, Caesars Entertainment is unable to provide personal information, including account numbers, via e-mail or telephone. The two ways to obtain your account number are to either stop by any Caesars Rewards Center with a valid ID to obtain a replacement card, or to get it from the direct mail offers sent from Caesars.

If you forgot your account number, you should know that most coupons, especially Bonus Cash and Food Credit coupons, sent to you will have your account number printed on them.

If you have lost your Caesars Rewards Card and need a replacement just stop by any Caesars Rewards Center with a valid photo ID and one of the Caesars Rewards agents will be happy to print a replacement card for you. Below is a complete listing of all Caesars Entertainment locations in Las Vegas.

Mlife Players Club

Disclaimer is strictly a travel information website and in no way affiliated or associated with Caesars Entertainment Corporation, Caesars Rewards and/or it's respective companies. If you have specific questions regarding your casino slot card, please contact the casino directly.


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