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ARIA Fine Art Collection Las Vegas

ARIA Fine Art Collection Las Vegas

CityCenter Fine Art Collection

Engaging visitors on both a visual and intellectual level, the ARIA Fine Art Collection features commissioned works by 15 acclaimed painters, sculptors and visionaries, including Maya Lin, Jenny Holzer, Nancy Rubins, Henry Moore and Frank Stella, among others. The collection rang from sculptures and paintings to other works of art including large-scale installations.

Embark on a free self-guided tour of the extraordinary artwork which offers a world of captivating experiences that unfold around every corner of the ARIA Campus.

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ARIA Fine Art Collection Las Vegas

Nancy Rubins – "Big Edge" (2009)
Nancy Rubins – Big Edge

Nancy Rubins

Nancy Rubins – "Big Edge" is a Stainless steel and aluminum water vessels, 51 x 75 x 57 feet

Considered one of the most visually stunning commissions at CityCenter, Rubins' work of art at CityCenter is a colorful composition of numerous aluminum rowboats, canoes and other small river and ocean vessels finessed into an eye-catching, gravity-defying form the artist calls "a blooming flower." The boats are connected with thousands of pounds of stainless steel wire cable forming a web-like structure

Exterior of Vdara Hotel & Spa's main drive

Frank Stella – "Damascus Gate Variation I" (1969)
Frank Stella – Damascus Gate Variation I

Frank Stella

Frank Stella – "Damascus Gate Variation I"

Frank Stella's – "Damascus Gate Variation I," is named for an ancient circular Islamic city in Asia Minor. Created in 1969, Stella's work features a design of interlaced semicircles made of luminous colors of blue, red, orange yellow and white alkyd resin on an 8-foot-high, 32-foot-long canvas.

Suspended over Vdara Hotel & Spa's reception desk.

Jenny Holzer – "VEGAS" (2009)

Jenny Holzer - Vegas

Jenny Holzer

LED panels with white diodes, 266 x 8 x 18 feet

As you exit ARIA's North Entrance via the valet, you will encounter "VEGAS," which displays Holzer's thought-provoking phrases, including some from her famous "Truisms," scrolling across the LED wall. Visitors from around the world are also welcomed with international proverbs.

ARIA Resort & Casino's north valet

Jack Goldstein – "Untitled" (Volcano) 1983
Jack Goldstein – Untitled (Volcano)

Jack Goldstein

"Untitled" (Volcano) 1983

Jack Goldstein – "Untitled" (Volcano) 1983 which measures 8 feet tall by 8 feet wide is an acrylic on canvas painting that depicts an explosive and vibrant image of an erupting volcano.

Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas' Tea Lounge on the 23rd floor

Henry Moore – "Reclining Connected Forms" (1969-1974)
Henry Moore - Reclining Connected Forms

Henry Moore

"Reclining Connected Forms" 1969-1974 - Roman travertine marble, 10 x 17 x 7 feet

Henry Moore – "Reclining Connected Forms" is inspired by the fundamentals of the human experience. The sculpture measures approximately 10 feet tall and 17 feet long by 7 feet deep, and represents a baby wrapped in its mother's embrace. The graceful outer shell of the sculpture depicts the changing shape of a pregnant figure as it protects the new life growing within.

The Park between ARIA Resort & Casino and Crystals retail and entertainment district

Maya Lin – "Silver River" (2009)
Maya Lin – Silver River

Maya Lin

"Silver River" – is a cast reclaimed silver, 84 feet long, approximately 3,700 lbs

Perched high above ARIA's reception desk against a panoramic window is Lin's first work of art in Las Vegas: "Silver River" inspired by the boundaries and topography of the Colorado River as it carves the desert landscape of the United States.

Suspended over ARIA Resort & Casino's registration desk

Tony Cragg – "Bolt" (2007 - 2008)
Tony Cragg – Bolt

Tony Cragg

"Bolt," "Bent of Mind" and "Untitled"

Located within ARIA's self-park entry lobby atrium are Tony Cragg's three towering columns – "Bolt," "Bent of Mind" and "Untitled". "Bolt," is a 10-foot-high stainless steel sculpture that swirls upward from its narrow base in an imaginative bolt of lightning. "Bent of Mind" gives the illusion of an elegant silhouette of a face. "Untitled" (tall column) presents a smooth, curving dialogue.

ARIA Resort & Casino's self-park entry lobby

Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen – "Typewriter Eraser, Scale X" (1998-1999)
Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen – Typewriter Eraser, Scale X

Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen

"Typewriter Eraser, Scale X"

"Typewriter Eraser, Scale X" 1998-1999, is a legendary piece by Oldenburg and van Bruggen. The four-ton, 19-foot stainless steel and fiberglass sculpture depicts a giant blue and red typewriter eraser with the bristles of the brush turned upward in a graceful, dynamic gesture.

Crystals Place, adjacent to Waldorf Astoria

Peter Wegner – "Day for Night, Night for Day" (2009)
Peter Wegner – Day for Night, Night for Day

Peter Wegner

"Day for Night, Night for Day"

Peter Wegner – "Day for Night, Night for Day" is compossed of colored paper, die cut and suspended from steel compression frame. Nestled into the facing walls of Vdara's soaring concierge lobby. "Day for Night, Night for Day" is comprised of two wall pieces: one solar-themed and one lunar-themed, represented on the east and west walls in the lobby to correspond with the rising and setting of the sun. The West wall measures 34 x 10 feet, and the East wall measures 45 x 10 feet

Vdara Hotel & Spa's concierge lobby

Tree sculpture by Brazilian woodworker Henrique Oliveira
Tree sculpture by Brazilian woodworker Henrique Oliveira

Henrique Oliveira

"Tree sculpture by Brazilian woodworker Henrique Oliveira"

The focal point of the Park MGM lobby is a tree sculpture by Brazilian woodworker Henrique Oliveira. The tree sculpture extends from above with its roots stretching across the ceiling. Throughout the lobby are also intriguing works of art by the likes of David Hockney, Shahram Karimi and Shoja Azari, and many others.

Park MGM's lobby

Other Las Vegas Art Collection on the Strip

Art Walk Wednesdays at Park MGM

Art Walk Wednesdays is a walking tour of the broad collection of artworks at Park MGM.
When: Wednesday
Hours: 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Admission: Free
RSVP by calling Park MGM's concierge team at 702-730-7010

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