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When you think of Las Vegas, what comes to mind is mega casinos and big shows, but there is much more. If you are adventurous or just want to make more out of your trip to Vegas, you will soon find there is a more to see just a few miles from the city. The mild Las Vegas desert climate offer a variety of recreational activities

Many visitors to Las Vegas take a day and go to see the following:

The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon

Distance from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is 5 hours drive.

No other destination has as many viewing options as the Grand Canyon - after all, it's one of the most popular national parks in the nation. We are adding a trip to the Grand Canyon on our list of one day trips, but honestly, that's really stretching it. The Grand Canyon is in Arizona and it's approximately 300 miles from Las Vegas.

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Tip: Always remember to check the weather

Hoover Dam
The Hoover Dam

Distance from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam is 34 miles

The Hoover Dam is an engineering wonder of the modern world. Constructed between 1931 and 1936 on the Colorado River at the Nevada-Arizona border. Hoover Dam is located approximately 34 miles (54.4 km) southeast of Las Vegas on the Nevada-Arizona border. A trip to the Hoover Dam is one of the most popular excursions from Las Vegas.

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Other interesting things to do while you are out there, go on past Hoover dam to Boulder City. A city that was created by the workers who built the dam and then to Lake Meade. Also, there are tour companies that will take you on a cruise of the river below Hoover Dam.

Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon

Just 20 miles west of the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas but worlds away from the Strip are 500-million-year-old red hills visible from most parts of Las Vegas Valley. As soon as you leave the city, the red rocks will begin to loom around you. Nevada's first National Conservation Area, Red Rock Canyon is open to the public year-round and draws more than one million people each year. It has a visitors center and a variety of plant and animal life. The National Conservation Area offers 30 miles of hiking tails and rock-climbing opportunities, picnic areas, a visitor center with exhibit rooms and a bookstore.

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Covering nearly 200,000 acres, the Visitors Centre at the Red Rock Canyon Recreation Area is the start of a 13-mile (21-kilometre) panoramic scenic route that winds through a mountainous region that spans 130 square miles of Mojave Desert.

Hint: A visit to Red Rock Canyon can be combined with a visit to Bonnie Springs Ranch.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead

Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Scenic Byway.

The Lake Mead Recreational Area is approximately 30 miles (48 kilometers) southeast of Las Vegas

Damming the Colorado River created North America's largest man-made lake, Lake Mead. Just a half-hour drive outside Las Vegas, Lake Mead is a perfect place to visit in warm weather for swimming, water skiing, fishing, boating and hiking. Also many people rent houseboats for a weekend or a day to explore the 550-mile (886-kilometre) shoreline.

Lake Mead Recreation Area is a popular playground, extending some 110 miles (177 kilometres) upstream toward the Grand Canyon. Its shoreline, backed by the spectacular scenery of cliffs and canyon, forms a perfect setting for a wide variety of water sports and desert hiking.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area (702-293-8990) Park information Monday - Friday only. Visitor center open 7 days a week.

Directions to Lake Mead National Recreation Area from Las Vegas

From Las Vegas, take U.S. 93 South through Boulder City, turn left on Lakeshore Road (NV-166) to Lake Mead.

To drive the scenic byway to Valley of Fire from Lake Mead, continue on Lakeshore Road and turn right on Northshore Road and then left on Valley of Fire Scenic Byway (NV-169). Turn right on Visitors Center Rd.

Take NV-169 West to I-15 South for your return to Las Vegas.

Bonnie Springs Ranch, Old Nevada

Bonnie Springs, Old Nevada is an old Western town in Red Rock Canyon 16 miles west of Las Vegas with a motel, shops, activities and Western shootouts.

Bonnie Springs RanchDistance from Las Vegas to Bonnie Springs Ranch is 16 miles (west of Las Vegas)

Originally built in the 1840's, Bonnie Springs Ranch operated for years as a working cattle ranch and watering hole.

Not far from Bonnie Springs is the replica Old West Town, know as Old Nevada. Visitors to Old Nevada can get a taste of what life was like in the 1880s. Bring your kids along because they will love the daily gun fighting cowboy show, along with the petting zoo, pony rides and miniature train rides.

Driving from Las Vegas strip to Bonnie Springs Ranch
Following the directions to Red Rock Canyon - above -
1 Gunfighter Lane, Blue Diamond, NV 89004
Phone: 702-875-4191 ;

Mt. Charleston

Mt CharlestonDistance from Las Vegas to Mount Charleston is 35 miles.

When you think of Las Vegas, what comes to mind is desert and heat. Nothing surprises Las Vegas visitors more than finding out that a 11,918-foot (3,633 metres) mountain capped with snow seven months of the year is only a 45-minute drive northwest.

Mount Charleston is an evergreen island in the Mojave Desert. About 20 to 30 degrees cooler on the average than Las Vegas, Mt. Charleston is perfect for winter skiing, picnicking, hiking and horseback riding. In addition to year-round hotel accommodations and tours, full-service camping is also available from May through September.

Driving directions to Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is within a 1-hour drive of the Vegas Strip. Take the I-5 South to the Blue Diamond cutoff (Highway 160).

Take Highway 160 to Highway 159 ( turn right to Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and Red Rock Canyon to visit these places.) Continue on Highway 159 which becomes Charleston Parkway. Take I-15 North to 95 North to kyle Canyon (NV-157) up to Mt. Charleston Peak.

Take 95 South back to Las Vegas.

Note: There is no fuel service available on the Mt. Charleston highway

Death Valley

Death ValleyDistance from Las Vegas to Death Valley is 135 miles (216 kilometers) south of Las Vegas in California

If you like to visit National Parks, then a trip to Death Valley should be on your list. This scenic wonder has the lowest elevation on the North American continent at 280 feet below sea level.

The blazing summer heat gives way to icy winter nights. Places with names like Devil's Hole, Bad Water and Furnace Creek give a pretty good indication of what to expect.

Driving from Las Vegas strip to Death Valley

Drive about an hour and a half south of Vegas on I-15 and take RT-127 to Death Valley National Park (total drive may be 3 hrs each way).

Death Valley National Monument (619-786-2331)
Zabriskie Point, 20 Mule Canyon, Scotty's Castle tours available.

Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of fire state parkDistance from Las Vegas toValley of Fire State Park is approximately 55 miles (88.5 kilometers) northeast of Las Vegas.

About 45 minutes northwest of the Strip, the blank desert gives way to scenic landscapes, hidden canyons and unique red rock formations, petroglyphs and the remains of an ancient Indian civilization.

Valley of Fire State Park is Nevada's oldest and largest state park. The 36,000-acre State Park derives its name from the brilliant colored sandstone formations that were created 150 million years ago by a great shifting of sand and that continue to be shaped by the geologic processes of wind and water erosion.

These are rock formations like you'll never see anywhere else and provides some of Nevada's most exquisite hiking. Nevada Park Service visitors center provides tourist information and the park is open to the public year-round. There are varying fees for both entering the park and camping overnight.

Valley of Fire State Park Address
29450 Valley of Fire Road,
Overton, Nevada 89040

Driving from Las Vegas strip to Valley of Fire State Park
From Las Vegas, take I-15 north to exit 75 (Valley of Fire turnoff). However, the more scenic route is to take I-15 north, and then travel Lake Mead Boulevard east to Northshore Road (NV 167) and proceed north to the Valley of Fire exit. The first route takes about an hour, the second 1 1/2 hours.

There is a $10-per-vehicle admission charge to the park, regardless of how many people you cram inside. For more information, call (702) 397-2088

Zion National Park

Zion National ParkDistance from Las Vegas to Zion National Park is 158 miles (north of Las Vegas across the Utah border).

Graced by colorful sandstone canyons, hot rocky deserts and cool forested plateaus are all part of Zion National Park. Zion Canyon is the largest and most visited canyon in the park. Here, the Virgin River has carved a spectacular forge into the red and white sandstone. The 2,000 to 3,000-foot canyon walls loom high above the river and the tree and grass-covered canyon floor.

Also a popular ski resort In the winter Bryan Head will tempt you to make large winding turns down the powder fields.

Driving from Las Vegas strip to Zion National Park
It’s a long drive 2-3 hour drive from Las Vegas. Drive North on I-15 to Zion National Park.

Hiking in Las Vegas

If hiking is your thing, here are the few place close to Las Vegas where you can do some hiking.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area - 22 miles away from the Vegas strip, provides rock climbing, biking and hiking trails, and scenic drives.

The Lake Mead National Recreational Area - 31.5 miles away from the Vegas strip, offers fishing, boating, swimming and hiking.

Mount Charleston - 43 miles away from the Vegas strip, has biking and hiking trails, horseback riding, skiing and snow boarding.

Driving distances from Las Vegas

From Las Vegas ToDrive TimeMilesKM
Grand Canyon South Rim 4.5 hours 275 443
Grand Canyon West Rim 3 hours 120 193
Death Valley National Park 2.25 hours 141 227
Hoover Dam 45 mins. 34 54.4
Great Basin National Park 4.75 hours 297 478
Zion National Park 2.5 hours 155 249
Reno, NV 7.25 hours 448 721
Laughlin 1.5 hours 97 156
Los Angeles, CA 4 hours 270 435
San Diego, CA 5 hours 337 542
Phoenix, AZ 5 hours 293 472
Albuquerque, N.M.   573 922
Atlanta, Ga.   2,038 3,280
Chicago, Ill. 29 hours 1,747 2,812
Denver, Colo.   747 1,202
Houston, Texas   1,568 2,523
New York, N.Y. 42 hours 2,520 4,056
Portland, Ore.   1,020 1,642
Salt Lake City, Utah   420 676
San Francisco, Calif. 10 hours 570 917
Seattle, Wash. 16 hours 1,257 2,023

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