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Las Vegas HowTo

How-To get married in Las Vegas

Steps to a Perfect Wedding in Las Vegas

Las Vegas weddings are a lot of fun but the preparation, sometimes lasting a year or more, is a lot of work. Knowing the steps to a perfect wedding in Las Vegas is key. It helps to have a guide to refer to on those days when things seem to be all over the place and nothing is clear. Use these steps to help stay on track and plan a fail-safe wedding. Well, reasonably fail-safe.

Talk with your spouse-to-be and decide on a wedding date. Choose a time when Las Vegas won't be chock-full of attendees for a convention event or other special event, like a fight between two boxing greats. It may ruin your day if your guests can't come because the airfares are prohibitive and they can't find hotel accommodation. You should also know that the most popular wedding days in Las Vegas is Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve.

Decide on the kind of location you want for your wedding. Outdoors or indoors?

Locate the perfect spot if your wedding will be outdoors. For this you may have to make a trip to Las Vegas before the day or use the services of a wedding coordinator. More on this later. Think about what the weather will be like on the day of your event. If it's to be a summer wedding you may want to reconsider and have it indoors because Las Vegas gets terribly hot then.

Decide on a chapel or other location if it's to be indoors. For instance, you can get married at Liberace's villa. Use a list of chapels to find one that suits your needs. Casino-hotels have chapels too and most of them are very nice. It would be super convenient for you and your guest if you book accommodation at the hotel of the chapel you plan to get married in. Not to mention, you may also get great discounts and freebies because of it.

The Most Romantic Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Wedding Contact a wedding coordinator. Las Vegas weddings, even small ones, have a lot of details to consider. The work is tripled when you're planning it from afar. Having a wedding coordinator who knows the ins and outs of the city and has connections to other service providers can greatly ease your anxiety. Tip - At your initial consultation, make sure you feel comfortable with this person. You will have to have several conversations with him or her before the big day. If you're not comfortable, keep looking. Of course, if you are having your wedding at a hotel chapel then you may not have a choice but to deal with whoever is in charge of the chapel. If you are hiring a general wedding coordinator, not affiliated with a hotel, then discuss with him or her about taking care of the following steps. If you don't plan to use a general coordinator then read on.

Contact the manager of the chapel you have chosen and find out if the date you have chosen for your wedding is available.

Decide how many guests you would like at your wedding and draw up a list.

Choose your invitations and notifications.

Send them out. Make sure you are giving your guests enough time to book their tickets and secure alternative accommodation, if they so wish.

Look for a flight to arrive in Vegas at least a day or two before the event. Book your tickets as far ahead of the date as possible.

Talk with the reservation staff at the hotel you plan to stay in. Try to reserve a block of rooms at a group discount rate. You may be able to get an impressive rate if you are getting married in their chapel. They may also throw in a honeymoon suite.

Once you make your hotel reservation, contact the hotel concierge desk. Your hotel concierge can help you with your wedding planning and encourages you to call and tell them what you will be looking for while you are in Vegas.

Make reservations for a reception lunch or dinner.

Order a cake.

Don't forget your costumes. To lessen your anxiety, you may wish to rent or buy tuxes and bridal gowns before you get to Vegas but there are many shops you can patronize there.

Arrive in Vegas at least a day before your wedding.

Go to the Las Vegas Marriage Bureau to get your license. Find out what you'll need for the application here.

Enjoy your day.

The State of Nevada requires that a witness to the ceremony MUST be present during the wedding. The Wedding Chapel Coordinators are NOT authorized to perform this service for you. Therefore, it is recommend that you obtain a witness specifically for the event. Only one witness is required, however they must be at least 18 years of age. You will be responsible for notifying the Officiant as to whom your witness(es) is(are).

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