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Las Vegas HowTo

How-To get married in Las Vegas

Getting Married in Las Vegas

What usually comes to mind for most people when someone talks about getting married in Las Vegas is a minister dressed as Elvis, a drive-thru and the sound of slot machines. However, Las Vegas weddings are not so limited.

You don't have to don a costume or move to the rhythm of a 70's song as you dance up to your minister at the front of a 'chapel' decorated with plastic flowers, while 10 other couples wait their turn behind you. Not that there's anything wrong with this scenario if you choose to go this route, but for those who don't find it appealing, rest assured that elegance is a possibility also in Las Vegas.

You can have a small and tasteful Las Vegas wedding with a few people or a royal Diana-and-Charles affair with an extra long train and a gazillion flower girls if you want. You can plan all of it yourself or you can retain the services of a wedding coordinator who will plan the glorious event for you, making sure that everything happens just the way you want it. All you would need to do is show up on the day of the event with your beloved and your marriage license. Use the following guides to help you enjoy your special day.

Las Vegas is a popular destination for wedding ceremonies. Partly because the only requirement to get married is a marriage license. In 2017, more than 1 out of every 25 marriages in the U.S. took place in Clark County in Las Vegas.

Marriage License Requirements
Las Vegas Wedding

Although Nevada is pretty permissive, compared to other states, when it comes to how soon you can use your license, it still maintains a list of requirements you will need to fulfill before you can get one.

Steps to a perfect wedding

Use this guide to getting married as a reference when planning your wedding. Follow it in order and everything should be smooth sailing. Well, hopefully.

Marriage Bureau

Where should you go to apply for a license? The marriage bureau. Find out where this office is as well as its hours of operation.

Gay & Lesbian Las Vegas

Wedding Planner

Consider getting one if you will be planning your wedding in Las Vegas from a distance. It won't be that easy to coordinate everything on your own if all your resources are in Las Vegas and you live in Cucamonga. Another inexpensive option is to contact your hotel concierge desk. Your hotel concierge is a valuable source of information and can help you with your wedding planing. Best of all, there services are free.

Wedding Chapels

Of course there are many, many chapels in Las Vegas. Use this list to find the one that's right for you.

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