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MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2024 Tips and Tricks


MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2024 will span over 660,000 net square feet of exhibit space at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Understanding how to work the exhibit floor and how to get from point A to B efficiently is important. Follow the steps below for some time saving and money saving tips and tricks

MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2024 - September 24 - 26, 2024

Top Tips for MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2024 Attendees
  • Register early for MINExpo®
  • Have a plan before arriving at MINExpo® 2024
  • Download the 2024 MINExpo Mobile App (when available)
  • Arrive Well Rested
  • Pick up your badge as soon as possible
  • Wear the right attire and comfortable shoes
  • Network
  • Allow extra time for everything
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take time to have some fun
  • Follow up with your new contacts once you get back home

MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2024 - September 2024

Top Tips to Making the Most of Your MINExpo 2024 Experience
1 Register early for MINExpo®

Registering early for MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2024 will save you money. Online attendee registration is $125 USD per person until Friday, September 3. After that date, attendee registration online increases to $225 USD per person. Note: 2021 registration rates.

2 Have a plan before arriving at MINExpo®

Before arriving in Las Vegas, identify your goals for the show. Make a list of manufacturers and products you are interested in and all of the booths you want to visit. Put them in order of priority: Must Stop, Should Stop, Want To Stop. Browse the 2024 MINExpo® Exhibitor Directory for names of manufacturers that will be present. You can also search by Product Category.

3 Arrive Well Rested

MINExpo® is 3 days of interacting with the mining industry's brightest minds, viewing the hottest products, product demonstrations, special events, educational seminars and lots of networking opportunities. As you will see, there's a lot packed into those 3 days and every second will count. The days will be long with lots of networking opportunities. Get plenty of rest before arriving in Las Vegas. Do not arrive worn down.

4 Download the 2024 MINExpo Mobile App

The free 2024 MINExpo Mobile App keeps you informed of daily events and news during the show.

Google Play Store
Apple App Store
MINExpo 2024 Las Vegas
MINExpo 2024 Las Vegas

5 Pick up your badge as soon as possible

MINExpo® Badges are not mailed. You will need to bring your emailed registration confirmation letter to onsite registration counters at the Las Vegas Convention Center with a photo I.D. to have your badge printed. MINExpo® badge pick-up for attendees opens on Saturday, Sept. 11.

Guard your badge
Once you receive your badge, whatever you do, do not lose your MINExpo®!. There's a badge replacement fee.

6 Wear the right attire and comfortable shoes

Business casual and dressing comfortably with comfortable shoes is key to an enjoyable MINExpo®. Construction gear or suit and tie is a No, No.

Bring your most comfortable shoes - The average MINExpo® attendee will clock in approximately 3 - 4 miles a day walking the exhibit space alone. Leave those construction boots at home and plan to arrive in Las Vegas with the most comfortable walking shoes you can get (Your feet will thank you later). Comfortable shoes will give you a chance to see most of what the show has to offer.

Let's help you navigate MINExpo

7 Network

MINExpo® is a great place to network with others and engage with more suppliers and technical experts. Expect a show floor packed with qualified industry-related attendees checking out the latest equipment, products, and latest technologies available. This creates the perfect opportunity to network. Many companies also host social hours, or other events that give them face-to-face time with prospective clients. Exchange business cards as you network, so that you can keep in touch after the show.

8 Allow extra time for everything

Plan ahead and allow extra time for everything. With so much to see, navigating your way around the crowds of people can be a challenge. Expect long lines when entering MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2024 exhibit venues, arriving at meetings, education programs and events. Also be prepared for any Health & Safety screening and long cab lines or rental car check-in lines.

9 Drink plenty of water and take short breaks

The daily temperature in Las Vegas in September can get as high as 94°F / 34°C. Drink plenty of water and schedule breaks now and then. Sitting in on one of the many demonstrations is a great way to recharge

10 Take time to have some fun

Like any veteran visitor will tell you, no one comes to Vegas to spend time in their hotel room. Explore the city that never sleeps. Las Vegas is a premier hospitality destination with tons of things to do and see. Take a walk along the Strip, see a show or simply pig-out at a buffet. One or two of those is vital to having a positive show experience. Just remember, What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

11 Follow up with your new contacts once you get back home

By Day 3 you'll discover you have collected a lot of business cards and promotional items. Your work actually starts when you get back home. Follow up right away with your new connections and potential business partners to continue the momentum from the show while all the information is fresh in your head. Take advantage of any discounts you were offered. Do not wait a month or two to make contact.

MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2024 - September 13 - 15, 2024 (Mon-Wed)

Did you know ....
IRC section 162 allows an employee to deduct expenses incurred for education to maintain and improve professional skills as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

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