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Las Vegas Players Club Card

What's a Las Vegas players club card, you ask? It's your ticket to free stuff and discounts. Technically though, a Las Vegas players card is what the casinos use to track how much money you're betting and how often you play. The more you play the more points you accumulate.

You can redeem these for free things. If the powers that be see that you're spending a good amount then they reward you with some pretty impressive comps. Your free points qualify you for special rates on rooms or sometimes free rooms, food and shows. High rollers get free top-notch accommodation, like the penthouse suite, and may even get additional service like a personal assistant and a dedicated limo for the duration of their stay. The free stuff doesn't stop when you leave Vegas. As a Las Vegas Players card holder, expect to receive special offers in the mail to lure you back after you leave.

If you plan to gamble while in Las Vegas, my advice to you is don’t even play a cent without signing up for the most valuable card in any Las Vegas casino, "The players club card". This is your ticket to free stuff. Advice submitted by Greg Delaney

Get Your Players Club Card

Las Vegas Casino Players Club Follow the signs pointing you to the players club or ask a casino employee where to go to apply for the players club card.

Fill out the application with your name, date of birth and mailing address. The casino will need this to send you special offers.

Submit your form and show your ID at the booth. The employee at the booth will enter your information and issue you a card on the spot.

Tips on Using Your Players Club Card

Use your Vegas players club card at every game you play. Present it to the dealer at table games and insert it into the appropriate slot at the slot machines. In fact, do not play a red cent unless you are using your card. Anything you play without it will be points lost.

Find out who the pit boss is. For almost everything in life it's a matter of whom you know. Las Vegas casinos are no exception when it comes to getting the comp you want with your accumulated points. The pit boss has the immediate authority to decide whether you've played long enough and just what kind of comp you will be getting if you're getting anything.

If you can afford it, play impressive hands of $50 and up at the table when the pit boss is watching. This should convince him that you're a serious gambler deserving of some comps. You can go back to smaller bets when he leaves. After about an hour of playing at a table, ask to meet the pit boss and ask about the possibility of a free room or an upgrade. The most negative thing she can say is no but she may give you something else instead.

Players Club Card Remember to take your players club card with you whenever you are done playing at a table or machine. If you do lose your Las Vegas players card, however, the casino will give you a duplicate.

Show your ID whenever you go to redeem the points on your Vegas player's card. The casinos want to make sure no one else is using your card.

Get a players card at every casino you go to. However, not all casinos have players clubs. Click here for a list of the casinos that do so you know where to go when you are ready to get a membership card.

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