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How to rent a car in Las Vegas

Rent a car in Las Vegas if you're the independent sort and you prefer to drive yourself around town. There's no end to the car rental companies you can find in Las Vegas. You can even rent motorbikes and flashy sports cars. Of course, what you pay will depend on what you are renting. Parking is free at the hotel parking lots. One word of warning though, traffic on the Vegas Strip is no joy ride. It could take 20 minutes to get to the casino almost right in front of you. However, being able to chauffeur yourself around at will and get to locations outside town make renting a car a must-do. On that note, here are some tips on Las Vegas car rental.

Contact your insurance company to find out what the policy is regarding Las Vegas car rentals. If you have full coverage then you may not need to purchase additional coverage from a Las Vegas car rental company. If you don't have full coverage, you may be able to purchase a supplement.

Make your reservation online. Some companies offer discount coupons on their website.

Compare rates among several Las Vegas car rental companies to see who has the lowest rate for the time you will be traveling.

Keep checking the rates offered by your preferred rental company because they change constantly. You may find that the rates drop daily the closer you get to your travel date. Book the lowest rate you find but don't wait too long because it may shoot up again the day before you travel.

Look for the signs showing you where to take the shuttle to the new Rent-A-Car Center when you get to McCarran airport. It's about 8 minutes away and all the major rental companies are there. You can make your booking there or check-in to pick up your reserved car. Note: Rental car counters are no longer located in Baggage Claim.

Expect to pay more if you rent a car at the McCarran Rent-A-Car Center. Las Vegas car rental companies have to pay a facility fee for the use of this place and they pass this on to the customer. However, the convenience of driving yourself from the airport may outweigh the extra charge.

Prepare for the possibility of long lines at the rental counters. You may find yourself waiting for as long as 20 minutes, if not more, while the people ahead of you complete paperwork.

Look for car rental stations at your hotel. You can pick up a car as from 7:30am but most, if not all, car rental companies close at 5pm.

Make sure that there won't be an extra charge if you return the car you rented at the hotel to the airport as you're leaving.

Ask your offsite Las Vegas car rental company if they will pick you up from your hotel. Most companies offer this free service.

Make sure there is no charge for mileage. This becomes an important issue if you are planning a trip to the Hoover Dam or to an attraction that's even further away.

Take the back roads on either side of the Vegas Strip when you are driving. Traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard can resemble a parking lot at times, especially weekends.

Parking is free no matter where you park on the Vegas Strip. Legally, that is.

Take note, some companies will charge an extra fee for one-way rentals. For instance, you may incur a charge if you rent a car from a company in Las Vegas and drop it off at the branch office in Los Angeles.

It is relatively cheap to rent a car in Las Vegas because of all the competition.

Click here for a list of the car rental companies at McCarran Rent-A-Car Center.

Las Vegas Car Rental

Advantage Rent A Car
(702) 798-6100
Airport Rent-A-Car
(702) 795-0800
X-Press Rent A Car
(702) 795-4008
Alamo Rent A Car
(702) 388-2142
Allstate Car Rental
(702) 736-6147
Assured Auto Rental
(702) 597-9710
Avis Rent A Car
(702) 261-5595
(702) 736-1212
Car Temps USA
(702) 263-8411
Dollar Rent A Car
(702) 739-8408
Dream Car & Motorcycle Rentals
(702) 731-6452
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
(702) 795-8842
Fantasy Car Rental
(702) 795-3636
Frugal Car Rental
(702) 897-1954
(702) 736-4900
National Car Rental
(702) 261-5391
Priceless Car Rental
(888) 866-7283
(702) 736-2592
Royal Rent-A-Car
(702) 683-6472
Savmor Rental Car
(702) 737-2839
Thrifty Car Rental
(702) 896-7600
U.S. Rent-A-Car
(702) 798-6100
Value Rent-A-Car
(702) 733-8886

Money Saving Car Rental Tips

1 Consider Weekly Rental — If you're planning on having the vehicle for five days or more, look for weekly rentals. You can save as much as 30 percent paying the weekly rate compared with paying for a seven-day rental on the daily rate.

2 Never agree to Prepaid Gas — Although some of their offers may sound enticing, especially those offering cheaper gas if you buy up front rather than when the car is returned. It's never a good idea. Fuel prices are always cheaper down the street than anything a car hire company will offer you. Decline the prepaid gas option and save money replacing only what you use.

3 Know what your own Insurance Covers — Before renting a car, check with your insurance company and credit card company. Most car insurance policies offer liability coverage and others cover rental-car coverage via comprehensive and collision coverage, and some credit card providers have a built-in protection for rental car insurance.

4 Think twice about that Free Upgrade — Car rental companies sometimes offer free upgrades to larger vehicles. Larger vehicles will cost you more in fuel costs. If you want to save that money, decline the upgrade.


Note: Every major casino/resort in Las Vegas also offers free parking.

Driving in Las Vegas and DUI

Here are a few things you should be aware of when driving in Las Vegas.

Failure to give the right of way to pedestrians in crosswalk - Fine $280

DUI - Liquor and/or drugs - Requires mandatory court appearance - Bail $2,115

Drinking alcoholic beverage while driving - Requires a mandatory court appearance, 5pts on your record and a bail of $640

Open alcoholic container in vehicle will fetch you a $640 Fine

Nevada cell-phone law bans drivers from talking on hand-held devices while driving (NRS 484B.165). If you are caught talking on hand-held devices while driving, you will be cited.

Getting a Traffic Ticket in Las Vegas

If you are unfortunate to get a traffic ticket while vacationing in Las Vegas. Do the smart thing and pay the fine. The Las Vegas Courts issue arrest warrants for all unpaid traffic tickets. Also an additional warrant fee of $200 and a late fee of $25 will be added to all tickets that proceed into warrant status.

In addition to warrant fees and penalties, all unpaid traffic tickets will be reported to national credit reporting agencies making it it difficult for you to obtain a job in your home town, or pay more for credit.

Also, refusal to pay, you could fail a background check and make it difficult to gain re-entry to the United States.

Pay Your Ticket Online or call (702) 671-3444 or out-of-state (877) 455-1289 to take care of your Las Vegas traffic tickets.

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