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RTC-OnDemand Las Vegas

RTC On Demand Las Vegas

RTC-OnDemand is the RTC of Southern Nevada’s (RTC) new microtransit service that offers on-demand shared service for residents and paratransit customers.

Currently serving the Southwest and West Henderson parts of the valley, RTC On Demand allows you to visit various destinations, including businesses and residences within the service area by simply calling or using the RTC-OnDemand App to schedule your ride seven days in advance, or get same-day service, within 30 minutes.

RTC-OnDemand current service zone:
Southwest part of the Las Vegas Valley and West Henderson.
RTC-OnDemand service hours:
4 a.m. to 1:45 a.m. 7 days a week.
RTC On Demand costs:
Starts at $2
RTC-OnDemand Phone Number
How to pay for RTC-OnDemand

RTC-OnDemand Customers can pay using the RTC-OnDemand app, rideRTC app, paper passes or with exact change on board the vehicle.

Paratransit customers can use credit cards using the RTC-OnDemand app, 46/22 ride pass, cash or coupon when your vehicle arrives.

Download RTC-OnDemand

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