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Las Vegas HowTo

Las Vegas Strip Map 2019

Las Vegas Strip Map

Las Vegas Strip Map

Considered the most expensive 4 mile stretch in the world, the Las Vegas Strip which is the section of Las Vegas Blvd from Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere Tower has some of the world's top hotels and attractions that are uniquely Las Vegas.

Equip yourself with a Las Vegas Strip map because sightseeing along the Vegas strip is like traveling the world on foot. From the pyramids of Giza (Luxor Hotel), to the Statue of Liberty (New York New York), to the Eiffel Tower in Paris (Paris Las Vegas), to the Colosseum of ancient Rome (Caesars Palace), to the canals of Venice (The Venetian), and everything else in between. About 42 million annual visitors make this small stretch of road among the most visited in the world.

It's no wonder Las Vegas is considered one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Below is a map of Las Vegas strip to help guide you on your next visit to Las Vegas.

Map of Las Vegas Strip Hotels and Casinos

Las Vegas Strip Map

Las Vegas Strip Map 2019 - Photo de mappe de la strip de las vegas - Mapa del Strip de las Vegas

3D Las Vegas Maps

Las Vegas Strip 3D Map

Use this 3D Map of the Vegas Strip to get a birds eye view of the Hotels and their proximity to each other.

Download 3D Las Vegas Strip Map of Hotels & Casinos PDF

Download 3D Las Vegas Monorail Map PDF

Location of Hotels on the Vegas Strip

The Vegas Strip is divided into three sections:

The Las Vegas North Strip
The Las Vegas North-Strip

The Las Vegas north-strip is the area from Sands Ave/Spring Mountain and runs north from Wynn Las Vegas to Stratosphere. Below are hotels located on the north Vegas Strip.

  • The STRAT Hotel Casino - North Strip
    (formally Stratosphere)
  • Convention Center District - North Strip
    (slated to open late 2020)
  • Resorts World Las Vegas - North Strip
    (slated to open late 2020)
The Las Vegas Mid-Strip
The Las Vegas Mid-Strip

The Las Vegas mid-strip is the area south of Sands Ave all the way to Planet Hollywood just before Harmon Ave. Below are hotels located on mid Vegas Strip.

The Las Vegas South-Strip
The Las Vegas South-Strip

The Las Vegas south-strip starts at Planet Hollywood resort and south to Mandalay Bay. Below are hotels located on south Vegas Strip.

How long is the Vegas Strip?

The Las Vegas Strip is 4.2 miles / 6.8 km from Sahara Avenue at the North end to Russell Road at the South end.

Las Vegas Place and Time

Flight times to Las Vegas

Flights to Las Vegas5 hours from New York,

3 hours from Chicago,

1 hour from Los Angeles

Click here for more flight times

Drive times in Las Vegas

Driving Directions

Drive time from McCarran Airport to the Las Vegas Strip is 5 minutes
Drive time from Los Angeles to the Las Vegas Strip is 4 hours

Click here for more driving distances

Las Vegas Strip Then and Now

Riviera Hotel And Casino

Las Vegas tend to reinvent itself from time to time just to remain the top travel destination in the world. For a city with over 150,000 hotel rooms, Las Vegas has also had more mega resort implosions than any other major city in the US.

The opening of The Mirage in November 1989 by Steve Wynn, set the standard for mega resorts and started a resort-building boom that line the Strip today and forever changed Las Vegas

Here is a timeline and a little history of Las Vegas hotels, past and present.

Downtown Las Vegas Map

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