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Las Vegas Taxi

How to get a taxi in Las Vegas

Of course, a Las Vegas taxi is another way to get around. There are approximately 3,000 vehicles in the Las Vegas taxicab fleet with approximately 9,500 taxicab drivers in Las Vegas. Rest assured, there is no shortage of taxis to take you to your destination.

Be sure you have enough cash for the fare because most Las Vegas taxi drivers will not accept credit cards as a valid form of payment. The few that will accept credit cards will charge you a $3.00 fee over and above the meter charge for the convenience of using a credit card.

The base fare is $2.88 per mile but you should know that there is an initial charge of $3.50 when the meter starts to run. Each additional 1/12th mile is .23 cents. If you are starting your trip from the airport, expect an additional charge of $3.00. The meter is a funny thing. If it detects that the cab is going slower than 8-12 MPH then it will charge $.27 (twenty-seven cents) every 30 seconds. So your fare will continue to go up even when the cab isn't moving.

2018 Las Vegas Taxi Rate

There is an initial charge of $3.50 when the meter starts to run.

Each additional 1/12th mile is $.23

Waiting time, Per hour $32.40

If you are starting your trip from the airport, there is an additional charge of $2.00 McCarran Airport Fee.

Credit/Debit Card Fee is $3.00

**3% Excise Tax will be added to all rates and fees

By law, each taxi cab can only take 5 people, including infants and children. If members of your group exceed 5 you'll have to split up. For newcomers to Las Vegas, you may want to find out how much it will cost to get to your destination before you get into a Las Vegas taxi. It's a common thing for shady cab drivers to take the I-215 tunnel from the McCarran International Airport claiming that this is the shortest way to your hotel. Not true. This tunnel is not the shortest way to get anywhere on the Vegas strip and all this trip will do is add more money to your fare. Trust me on this. I was unaware of this scam on my first trip to Las Vegas, so it took 30 minutes to get to my hotel, which was less than 10 minutes away. I remained unaware until my trip back to the airport, which took about 10 minutes. Need I say more?

It is against the law for Las Vegas taxicab drivers to pick passengers up by the wayside. If you are on the strip and you need a taxi, go to the nearest casino. There is usually a spot where taxicabs line up to pick up waiting passengers. It is a very orderly process, done on a first-come first-served basis, and there is usually someone there to help things along.

You will have to wear a seat belt while in the cab. A car seat is not required for your infant if none is available, but if you have one with you then you will need to use it. (read more about the exception to the law below)

Taxicab passengers can only be charged the amount shown on the taxi meter and all fares must be paid in U.S. currency.

There are 16 registered taxicab companies in Las Vegas. The taxicabs for each company have unique color combinations and numbers.

With all this said, here is a list of the registered Las Vegas taxi companies.

For complaints regarding taxicabs in Clark County, please contact the Taxicab Authority at (702) 486-6532 or fill out a Las Vegas Taxi cab complaint form.

Lost & Found

If you discover that you have left something behind, immediately contact the taxi company, or call the Nevada Taxicab Authority at (702) 668-4000.

Las Vegas Taxicab Authority
2090 E. Flamingo Rd, Suite 200
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 668-4005
FAX: (702) 668-4001

Web site:

All Las Vegas taxi companies have lift-equipped vans that can accommodate one wheelchair or scooter. Call ahead of time to arrange a pickup.

Las Vegas Taxi Fares

Taxi fares from McCarran International Airport to

South Strip Hotels

Excalibur – Tropicana – Luxor – New York-New York – MGM Grand – Park MGM Las Vegas $13.00 - $18.50

Center Strip Hotels

Aria – Cosmopolitan – Bally's – Bellagio – Caesar Palace – Flamingo $15.00 - $20.50

North Strip Hotels

Mirage – Treasure Island – Venetian – Wynn – Circus Circus – Stratosphere $17.50 - $22.50

Downtown Hotels

Binion's – El Cortez – The D Las Vegas – Plaza – Golden Nugget $23.80 - $29.50

Las Vegas Convention Center
$16.50 - $19.50
Click here for the approximate Taxi fare to your Las Vegas hotel

Note: Tips or gratuities to taxi drivers in Las Vegas are optional and NOT required.

State of Nevada Child Car Seat Law

The Nevada child car seat law NRS 484.474 Effective on June 1, 2004. Has the following summarized provisions: (Read about the complete law here.)

NRS 484.474
Child less than 6 years of age and weighing 60 pounds or less to be secured in child restraint system while being transported in motor vehicle; requirements for system; penalties; exceptions. [Effective June 1, 2004.]

1. Except as otherwise provided in subsection 5, any person who is transporting a child who is less than 6 years of age and who weighs 60 pounds or less in a motor vehicle operated in this state which is equipped to carry passengers shall secure the child in a child restraint system which:

(a) Has been approved by the United States Department of Transportation in accordance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards set forth in 49 C.F.R. Part 571;

(b) Is appropriate for the size and weight of the child; and

(c) Is installed within and attached safely and securely to the motor vehicle:

The provisions of subsections above do not apply:

(a) To a driver or passenger who possesses a written statement by a physician certifying that he is unable to wear a safety belt for medical or physical reasons;

(b) If the vehicle is not required by federal law to be equipped with safety belts;

(c) To an employee of the United States Postal Service while delivering mail in the rural areas of this state;

(d) If the vehicle is stopping frequently, the speed of that vehicle does not exceed 15 miles per hour between stops and the driver or passenger is frequently leaving the vehicle or delivering property from the vehicle; or

(e) To a passenger riding in a means of public transportation, including a taxi, school bus or emergency vehicle.

Read about the complete Las Vegas child car seat law here.


How to Install a Forward-Facing Child Seat in an Airplane

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Money Saving Tip:
  • Here is a way to save on taxi fare. If you're adventurous (and use good judgment on this one), while waiting for bags at baggage claim or standing in the long taxi lines, ask if anyone nearby is heading to the same destination, then split the fare. Cabs charge the same whether there's one rider or five.

  • Taxi service at McCarran International Airport is available on the east side of baggage claim, outside exits 1-4. Airport personnel are available on the curb to assist passengers.